AtadelSend is an on-demand delivery service that offers you the convenience of requesting a dedicated driver to transport your package(s) to its intended recipient at the specified drop-off point.


AtadelSend simplifies package delivery, making it incredibly convenient. You can relax on the couch while you request a driver from your fingertips. 

On-Demand & Quick

Whether it’s a last-minute gift for your friend or products for your customers, you can have your package delivered to its destination in minutes.


Our drivers are reliable and committed to providing top-notch service. With real time updates including delivery confirmation photos, you can trust that your packages are in capable hands.


AtadelSend is a convenient package delivery service that allows you to request a dedicated driver to transport your packages to a person waiting at a specified drop-off location. You can also use AtadelSend to have packages sent to you from a designated sender.

Tap the "Send a Package'' button on Atadel's website to make a delivery request. Once submitted, you will receive a delivery fee quote.

Once you make the payment, a driver will be connected and dispatched to pick up the package and deliver.

After delivering, you will receive a "delivery completed" confirmation.

You can send packages through AtadelSend as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Do not contain prohibited items (see next question for details).
  • Fit comfortably in the designated vehicle type (e.g., trunk of a midsize vehicle).
  • Are closed, securely sealed, and ready for curbside or door pickup.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to alcohol, medication, recreational drugs, and dangerous or illegal items. Please ensure your package complies with these restrictions to avoid any issues with your delivery request.

AtadelSend currently operates in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta (launching in Winnipeg Manitoba soon). If you can pay the associated delivery fee, our drivers can deliver from these areas to anywhere in Canada. No limit 😉

AtadelSend operates around the clock, seven days a week. Please note that additional fees may be applicable for deliveries made between 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

We recommend notifying the recipient of the impending delivery so they can meet the driver to retrieve the package from the vehicle. If you wish to send a surprise package, you must clearly instruct the driver to leave the package at the recipient's door in the delivery instruction section. Please note that drivers may choose to decline this request.

Please feel free to message and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for using AtadelSend.

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